Unleash the
Power of Content
with Haystac's Indāgō TM

Content Intelligence in Action

We help put companies on the path to achieving their content intelligence goals.
We are experts at creating, refining and evolving metadata for unstructured content.

Intelligent Metadata

Primary Uses

  • Content Classification
  • Content Retention
  • Information Governance


  • Relevant Search
  • Living, Dynamic
  • On-Demand

Automated Metadata

Primary Uses

  • Reduce Manual Work
  • Reduce Error Rate
  • Reduce Time


  • Clean Results
  • Fast Process
  • Massively Scalable

Quality Metadata

Primary Uses

  • Increase Confidence
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Improve Workflow


  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Defensible
What Haystac Indāgō is NOT
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Search tool
  • eDiscovery tool
  • Legal Review tool
  • Capture tool
  • Legacy OCR tool
Instead, we make all of these better by adding value through:
  • Intelligent  Metadata
  • Automated Metadata
  • Quality Metadata
Haystac Indāgō Leads the Way
We provide breakthrough software that enables companies to reach their content intelligence goals faster, with greater confidence, lower risk and higher quality.
We excel in the following important areas:

Comprehensive Content Intelligence Solution

It extracts, classifies and categorizes unstructured data, (both visual and text) and automatically creates business & technical metadata. It automatically creates the classification model (using a training document process) and creates a highly accurate hierarchies model, all based on business requirements.

Massively Scalable Visual & Text Classification

It contains highly sophisticated algorithms to: create comprehensive hierarchical, multi-dimensional visual and text classification models; automate complex metadata creation, provide data analytics for any content type or group, imbed data retention requirements, and massively scale to process large volumes of unstructured data fast.

Intelligent Landscape of Data

It provides the ability to quickly navigate through multiple sets and types of unstructured data using a landscaped view of the data (extractive metadata summaries) for easy navigation.

Faceted Classification & Search

It uses a faceted classification system. This enables document classifications to be organized according to a multi-dimensional classification system rather than in a single, pre-determined, taxonomic order. This enables faceted search.

Integrates into Business Workflow

It readily integrates into document intensive business workflows where metadata is automatically created inline and then inserted into an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. It is most effective for workflows that require documents to be scanned, cleaned, indexed, classified or summarized.

Document Retention Alerts

It alerts users to changing business conditions enabling them to automatically update the document retention metadata and enforce corporate document retention policies.

What Makes Haystac Indāgō Unique
We are 100% focused on achieving our mission; making what seems impossible, possible for process automation in content intelligence.
Our software is designed from the ground up to handle:

Any Content Type

  • 600+ content types
  • Includes: PDF, scan, email, images, video websites, etc.

Email & Attachments

  • Email conversation threads
  • Email attachments of all types

Evolving Business Needs

  • Living, active, dynamic, changes with business
  • On demand access to relevant accurate content
Haystac Indāgō Is Powerful, Scalable Software
We have results demonstrating impressive time and cost savings. See below for a customer that once deployed and in production, can expect to realize, over a 3 year period, savings in excess of $3.6 M, with an ROI under 12 months.
A prospect in the UK requested a pilot focused on documents that their current combination of manual labor and technology could not process accurately.

The process “rejects” represented 1/3 of the regular monthly volume (30 million pages or 1.5 TB of data per month), each with between 15‐20 data fields.

Indāgō delivered results with greater than 80 % accuracy (incumbent / competition delivered 0 %). We identified a minimum of $1.8 M in savings per year.
Realize the Benefits of Haystac's Indāgō
We work with you to define your return on investment targets and then help you to create and execute a plan to achieve them. See key benefits below:

Confident Decisions

Increases decision-makers' confidence to use practical and actionable content to make critical decisions impacting:
  • business performance
  • risk management
  • compliance


Reduces costs associated with all processes that involve document management Accelerates learning & productivity for business processes that demand:
  • intelligent metadata
  • automated metadata
  • quality metadata


Provides a foundation for a successful transformation to digital business. Provides a mandatory foundation and blueprint for realizing digital business benefits from a $6 trillion emerging market
Haystac Delivers Results
We are Haystac
Founded in 2003, Haystac delivers powerful and affordable content intelligence software to unleash the power of content.
Haystac Indāgō (Latin verb meaning to hunt, to track, to investigate) is improving the way content intelligence software is developed, priced, purchased, delivered and used.

We put our customers first by ensuring we are tackling their most important challenges such as automating the process for creating intelligent metadata for complex content including email and attachments.

We strive every day to deliver powerful functionality that is easy to use with a fast and long lasting ROI.
Our software is built for content specialists who need powerful, affordable, easy-to-use content intelligence software that saves time and gets the job done.

Evaluating, buying, deploying and using enterprise software shouldn't be complex. Haystac's Indāgō software is easy to try, buy, deploy and use.

It is agile and flexible and seamlessly integrates with most business environments, infrastructure and processes.